The World Of Ice Creams

Posted by Admin on April, 16, 2015

Ice Creams are a popular dessert liked by almost everyone since their childhood. From a very early age kids get familiar with Ice Creams and it also becomes one of their favorite sweet dishes. Ice Creams are typically made out of milk and cream in combination with different types of fruits, ingredients and flavors. Sweeteners and colorings are also added in it after which the mixture is stirred and cooled below the freezing point. Ice Creams are available in different flavors and amounts for individual as well as group consumption.

Flavors of Ice Cream

  • Vanilla Ice Cream: It is one of the oldest and popular flavors of Ice Creams. It is available in the market both in cones and cups. Vanilla Ice Cream is a cooled mixture of cream, sugar and vanilla.
  • Chocobar Ice Cream : Chocolate Ice Creams are one of the most popular and favorite flavors in the world. It is usually a blend of cocoa powder, eggs, cream, sugar and vanilla, which is then frozen below the freezing point.
  • Ice Candy: It was one of the first forms of Ice Creams that man had. They are basically ice cubes in different flavors. Some of the popular flavors are cola, mango and strawberry.
  • Strawberry Ice Cream: It is usually made by blending fresh strawberries or strawberry flavors with eggs, cream, vanilla and sugar. Strawberry Ice Creams are also a favorite of many people.
  • Cassata Ice Cream: It is made by the combination of two or more Ice Cream flavors. In this type of Ice Cream, the base is usually a fruit cake, followed by layers of different Ice Cream flavors and finally the top layer is encrusted with nuts. It is a very unique type of Ice Cream that is in popular demand.

Our childhoods would probably have been incomplete without Ice Creams in them. So, grab one today to cherish your good old days. Party Pack Ice Cream in different flavors is also available in the market which is adequate and appropriate for large gatherings.

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